Fountain of Yoga



Why Choose Us

Fountain of Yoga takes a commonsense approach to Health & Fitness, our emphasize is geared towards Total Health Solutions. We advocate adding Yoga with other fitness programs including cardio workouts, strength Training, and athletics. Scheduling Yoga in your fitness regimen allows a nice break from your very busy lifestyle leaving you feeling refreshed, pampered, & less stressed! We take pride in making our classes enjoyable, non-competitive, peaceful, and affordable with an added benefit of connecting with a social network seeking similar benefits & fitness goals. We have a passion for Yoga and truly want our customers to succeed and finally find a workout that does not feel like just another to do on their list! Finally a fitness routine that you can look forward to!  

What We Do

  • 1

    Tighten and Tone your muscles

  • 2

    Slim you down to a healthy weight

  • 3

    Invigorate your mind

  • 4

    Increase your flexibility

  • 5

    Reduce your stress